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Jam Repertoire

A list of common jam tunes across Ontario


Berceuse pour Anna
Debbie's Waltz
Don Messer's Memorial Waltz
Florence Killen's Waltz
Into the Heart of the Mountain
Kelsey's Waltz
Lake Superior Waltz
Lover's Waltz
Over the Waves
Poor Girl Waltz
Raemona's Waltz
Sourgrass and Granite
Tennessee Waltz
To Mom and Dad
Valse des jouets
Valse Gisèle


Andy DeJarlis Jig
Being Jerry Holland
Boston Life
Butlers of Glenn Avenue
Buttermilk Mary
Cape Breton Dream
Catfish Jig
Cock of the North
David's Jig
Dum Dee Di Dee Diddly Doo
End of Winter
Fée des dents
Gigue de Joliette
Irishman's Heart to the Ladies
Irish Washerwoman
It's in D
Jimmy's Favourite Jig
Le tourment
Little Burnt Potato
Mary's Return Home
Mischievous Combinations
Miss Gordon of Park
Morrison's Jig
Murray River Jig
My Dungannon Sweetheart
Paul's Jig
Piper's Inn
Prince George Jig
Rakes of Kildare
Rippling Water
Rocking Chair Jig
Rock Valley Jig
Sam's Sugar Bush Jig
Scotty's Highland
Shady Nook
Shandon Bells
Smash the Windows
Stan's Jig
Suitcase Surprise
Swallowtail Jig
The Cats and the Fiddle
Tipperty's Jean
Volcanic Jig

Foxtrots, Schottisches, Clogs, Blues and Swings

Carignan Clog
Compliments to Sean Maguire
Faded Love

Five Foot Two
Hi-Lo Schottische
Jerusalem Ridge
Lament for the Death of Reverend Archie Beaton
Maytime Swing
Walking Up Town
Wendover Special

Reels, Polkas, Hornpipes, Two-Steps, Breakdowns, etc.

Angus Cambell
Anne Lacey's
Archie Menzie's
Big John McNeil
Blind Man's Reel
Bonjour, Comment ça va?
Bonnie Kate
Bowing the Strings
Brenda Stubbert
Buck Fever Rag
Buckskin Reel
Cape Breton Fiddlers' Society's Welcome to the Shetland Islands
Caribou Reel
Chapeau Reel
Constitution Breakdown
Cotton Eyed Joe
Crooked Stovepipe
Devil's Dream
Devil in the Dirk
Donegal Reel
Don Messer Breakdown
Down Yonder
Drowsy Maggie
Durang's Hornpipe
Dusty Miller
Fiddle Bill
Fiddle Fingers
Fisher's Hornpipe
Flannigan's Polka
Flop-Eared Mule
Flowers of Edinburgh
Four String Polka
Frank's Reel
Frenchie's Reel
Galope de la Malbaie
Gilles Roy
Gillette's Reel
Golden Slippers
Golden Wedding Reel
Great Eastern Reel
Happy Acres Two-Step
Harrington Valley Two-Step
Heather Bonn
High Level Hornpipe
High Road to Linton
Hull Reel
Ice on the Road
Jack Daniel's
Jack Rabbit Hop
Jean's Reel
Jenny's Chickens
Joe's Dedication
John's Tune
John and Vicki's Two-Step
Johnny Muise's
Johnny Wagonner
Julia Delainey
Karly's Edge
Kiley's Reel
La bastringue
La belle Catherine
Le 13 janvier
Le 24 juin
Le rossignol
Les cinq jumelles
Le tammanoir
Liberty Two-Step
Logger's Breakdown
Lord MacDonald's
Louis Riel Reel
Lucky Trapper's Reel
MacArthur Road
Maid Behind the Bar
Maids of Castlebar
Maple Leaf Two-Step
Maple Sugar
Marie Claire
Mason's Apron
Miss McLeod's
Mitton's Breakdown
Mortgage Burn
Mouth of the Tobique
Moving Cloud
Nobody's Business
Old French
Old Reel of Eight
Olive Branch
Ontario Swing
Ottawa Valley Fiddle Camp 2007
Parry Sound Polka
Pelican Reel
Ragtime Annie
Randall's Hornpipe
Red Haired Boy
Reel Beatrice
Reel de la main blanche
Reel de la mariée
Reel de la Rimouski
Reel de Montebello
Reel des eskimos
Reel de Sherbrooke
Reel du forgeron
Reel du popcorn
Reel of the blind man
Reel St. Jean
Reel St. Antoine
Reel à Ti-Mé
Road to Errogie
Ronde des voyageurs
Ronfleuse Gobeil
Rubber Dolly
Sailor's Hornpipe
Sam Cormier's 
Saratoga Hornpipe
Serpent River
Shannon's Reel
Shelburne Reel
Shingle the Roof
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Snowflake Breakdown
Soldier's Joy
Spey in Spate
Ste. Anne's Reel
Swinging on the Gate
Tam Lin
The Banshee
The Chandelier
The Girl I Left Behind Me
The Growling Old Man and the Grumbling Old Woman
Tommy People's
Trip to Windsor
Two-Step d'Armand
Valerie Pringle's
Walker Street
Whalen's Breakdown
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Whitefish in the Rapids
Winding Stream
Woodchopper's Breakdown

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