So You Want to Compete in a Fiddle and Stepdance Contest...

You've heard about the Ontario fiddle and stepdance contest circuit, you'd love to check it out, but you aren't quite sure where to start. What do you play? What do you do? Hopefully, this page can help you get started



A waltz is a dance tune in 3/4 time. 


Reels are faster tunes written in 2/4. Many contests will also allow two-steps and breakdowns instead of a reel.


Jigs are tunes written in 6/8.

Tune of Choice

Certain contests require open contestants to add a fourth tune to their final set. This tune can be any fiddle tune of their choosing in Canadian Old Time style.

Most competitors will compete a waltz, a jig and a reel. In Ontario, these tunes are judged based on Canadian Old-Time style. Contestants 9 and under generally only compete one of these tunes. Always consult the rules for the contest you will be attending to make sure you are prepared for the specifics of this contest. 

It can be daunting to select tunes for a contest. Here are a list of commonly competed tunes

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